At HUMANI, we believe in Powerful Partnerships.

Every individual and organization whether private or public sector, benefits through participation. It begins with individual Health Care Providers (HCP) who contribute articles that financially support their personal or organization’s involvement in training and treatment programs.

The following are examples of Powerful Partnerships

Distribution Partner – As part of the Humani distribution channel we seek to partner with one medical device and one pharmaceutical company to hand-deliver HUMANI Magazine to individual HCPs and medical institutions throughout the United States.

Title Sponsor – Fifty percent of profits from our Title Sponsor’s financial contribution supports training and treatment programs led by Special Forces & medical veterans.

Advertisers – We extend a special Thank You to advertisers that choose HUMANI as part of their marketing and advertising plan. Fifty percent of advertising profits support medical training and humanitarian medical missions in the U.S. & Developing World.

Utilization of Special Forces medical assets during disaster relief:
the Hurricane Andrew experience.

 Godbee DC, Odom JW. (Mercer University School of Medicine, Macon, CA)

Special Forces units and their innate assets are presented as the ideal first-response unit to natural disasters due to their breadth of skill, speed of response, and ability to work independently in remote areas. “Green Beret” soldiers are particularly suited to work under the most extreme hardships, with little or no supervision, and can demonstrate tremendous amounts of initiative and creativity in unique and changing situations. The compact, versatile, and adaptable detachments of which Special Forces Groups are composed can serve as vital resources in humanitarian and disaster relief operations as well as in combat.

HUMANI Magazine supports and is supported by the following Special Forces veteran
owned and operated companies:


logoweb hat
The Humanitarian Assistance Team (HATeam)
is a humanitarian consulting firm that supports training and treatment programs for austere environments. We capitalize on the experience of military and medical veterans to prepare aid workers to become safer and more effective during times of crisis while helping to alleviate human suffering at home and abroad. The HATeam mission is to align resources and coordinate efforts between the private and public sectors and medical institutions. For over three years The HATeam has identified problem areas and helped develop, fund, conduct and promote unconventional Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HA/DR) training programs and missions in the U.S. & Developing World.
logoweb darc
Direct Action Resource Center (DARC)
– DARC is a security services training firm that specializes in tactical, technical and strategic planning, developmental training, testing, evaluation, and implementation for the military, private enterprises and public agencies.

DARC’s core competencies are centered on actual experience, and know-how, as well as institutional and academic knowledge. DARC designs and conducts numerous training programs for the medical community to include the Austere Medical Program (AMP): Unconventional Surgical Immersion Course (USIC). Click here to see the DARC corporate video


logoweb specops
Specops Adventures, Training & Media – Special Forces veterans Mykel Hawke and Jay Stanka founded Specops Adventures in 1995 as an adventure education company based in Costa Rica. Specops provides specialized training in outdoor skills and survival techniques for Medical Humanitarians through mobile teams or from their new basecamp in the Texas hill country. Specops Mykel Hawke on Good Morning America. Awards and recognition include:

Outside Magazine – 25thAnniversary Silver Edition named Survival Trekking the Osa Peninsula as one of the world’s “25 Trips of a Lifetime.”
Travel ChannelThe Radical Sabbatical! “101 Things To Do Before You Die”
Travel Channel – The Big Adrenaline Rush! “The World’s Best Vacations” #5


logoweb twenty
Twenty Global
– Safe-Travel Training for missionaries & humanitarians who travel to hotspots overseas

In 2005, Karen Sergeant and Fred Kleibacker left the U.S. Government to help develop highly specialized training programs on how to survive terrorist and peacetime foreign governmental detention.  Twenty Global programs are provided to train senior executives and personnel who are considered at high risk for detention when traveling abroad.

HUMANI Magazine also partners with the following companies

logoweb-dreamflyDream Flights International is a bespoke private aviation service that provides its clients with the most flexible access to more than 4,000 aircraft worldwide across all size classifications.

As the industry leader in social innovation; not only do our clients travel the world with class, they’re changing it as well. Proceeds from our services benefit partner non-profit organizations and help support teams like Humani Magazine carry out their mission of logistically bringing top medical treatments to underserved communities worldwide.


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