HUMANI is dedicated not only to sharing “Best Practices” with Medical Humanitarians, military health care providers, humanitarian aid workers and missionaries through our print and online magazine. Our unique distribution methodology is designed to help “train, equip and deploy” medical personnel to more safely and effectively serve their communities and around the world. We do this by raising awareness and funding for training programs and medical missions through reader support.

HUMANI helps align resources and coordinate efforts between the private and public sectors and provides a hub for connecting people who care with people in need.


Online Humani Magazine

Not Just a Magazine

Please visit our website again soon for details on how to receive a copy of HUMANI Magazine with your tax-deductible contribution to a featured 501c3 nonprofit while supporting our Military & Medical veterans who serve vulnerable populations in the U.S. & Developing World.

Creating Greater Social Impact

HUMANI provides a platform where every individual, organization and corporation that contributes through advertising or a tax-deductible subscription helps to create greater social impact.

 Job Creation

  • Military veterans and veteran-owned businesses with experience in Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HA/DR) are hired to train licensed Health Care Providers (HCPs)
  • Medical missions require support from local populations
  • Special Forces veterans can provide security and mobile training during medical missions to high-risk areas of the world that otherwise might be avoided due to security concerns

Training & Treatment

  • Raises finances to train Health Care Providers (HCPs)
  • Helps raise finances for medical missions
  • Helps raise funding for non profit partners
  • Host Nation Health Care Providers (HCPs) receive training from U.S. HCPs and share local practices and information on diseases not frequently seen in the U.S.


Medical & Corporate Diplomacy

  • Medical Diplomacy creates an open door for improved international relations in a way that provides services to communities around the world.
  • When supported by the private sector Medical Diplomacy leads to Corporate Diplomacy, which assists foreign countries in building their private sectors thus giving them the ability to support their own public sector.

Socioeconomic Development

  • Sponsored medical missions help to develop a platform for nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to provide clean water, healthcare, education, agriculture and employment opportunities


  • HUMANI Magazine raises awareness and funding for medically aligned nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in every edition. Essentially, providing no-cost fundraising, marketing and promotional services for worthy organizations and their missions
  • Contributors are able to see how their contributions are maximized in follow-on print editions and originally created online video programming
  • U.S. Health Care Providers (HCPs) are “trained, equipped and deployed” for medical missions in the U.S. & Developing World and return to their communities more experienced and better prepared for manmade and natural disasters

Thank you again for taking time to read through our inaugural edition of Humani Magazine.  Please visit again www.HumaniMag.TV soon for more information.

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